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Oriental Medicine - Yin & Yang Theory, 5 Elements Theory, Philosophy of Dao

Treatments - Needle Treatment, Electric Needle Treatment, Cupping, Moxa, Ear Acupuncture or Seed Treatment, Tuina

My History of Treatment(including Supportive Care)-Shingle,Back Pain of Multiple Sclerosis,Scoliosis,Stroke,Parkinson Disease,Atrophy Synd,Jaundice,Urticaria,Skin Itching, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,Diabetes, Blurry Eye Sight of Cataract, Side effect of Chemotherapy of Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer, Migraine, Depression/Anxiety, Asthma, Back Pain of Sciatica, Frequent Cough at Night, Strain/Sprain Ankle, Tinnitus, Hypo & Hypertension, Hypo & Hyperthyroidism, Gout, Cataract, Backache, Frozen Shoulder,Incontinent Enuresis, Fibromyalgia, Acid Reflux(Heart Burn), Obesity, Hepatitis, Infertility, Miscarriage, Disk, Prostatitis, Chest Stuffiness, Stomach upset, Arthritis, Alcohol Addiction,Neck & Shoulder with Upper back pain. Facial Rejuvenation(Wrinkle treatment,Anti-Aging). Short of Breath(SOB),Heel Spur, Varicosevein in leg. Fibrocyst, Cyst, Bursitis, Drug Addiction,Tendonitis, Insomnia, Knee & Hip Problem,Balancing Immune System, Boosting Energy,Bell's Palsy,Toothache,Trigeminal Neuralgia,Smoking Addiction,Raynaud's Synd.,Vitiligo,Sleepapnea(Snoring), Vertigo,Palpitation,Meiniere Disease, Spinal muscular atrophy( SMA),Hyperhidrosis(Sweating Palms & Feet),Diarrhea,Tachycardia,Crohn's Disease, Irretable Bowel Syndrome,Bronchitis,Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.TMJ,Acne,Itching Herpes Zoster,Rhinitis,Constipation,Allergy,Varginal Bleeding, Tennis & Golf Elbow, Sprain Ankle, Meniere's Disease. Frequent Urination, Urinary Infection, Chronic Gout,GERD,Heart Burn,Cateract,CFS(Chronic Fatigue Syndrome),Celiac Disease,Ear Infection,Locked Jaw,Pneumonia,Skin Cancer, Scabies, Autism,Eczema
1133 W. Imperial Hwy
La Habra, Ca 90631

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Mon - Fri: 9 to 6

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Sun: Emergency only

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